DMAC (dimethyl acetamide) solvent recovery | Case Study | Stainless Magnetic Drive Pumps | Sanwa Pump   


Case Study (4)

DMAC (dimethyl acetamide) solvent recovery process in a chemical-process

GHS6 symbol -- Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), categories 1, 2, 3 GHS8 symbol -- Respiratory sensitization, category 1

Issues to solve

  • Need to increase resistance to sludge.

  • Switching outsourced maintenance to in-house maintenance.

Sanwa Pump used

  • Canned motor pumps used.

  • Sludge causes troubles such as cracking of carbon bearings.

Sanwa Pump used

  • adopted

  • Stable operations without causing problems with bearings achieved.

  • Easy and thus in-house maintenance works achieved.

(converted in English)

  • Owing to durability of rear casing, the slurry resistance is high.

  • The wide gap between the rotor and the can causes the slurry resistance.

  • Compared to the canned pump, the thicker can makes safer at high temperatures and pressure.

  • Maintenance frequency is quite low.

  • Maintenance works do not require skilled work, so it can be done in-house.

  • The durability and wearability of SiC bearings are excellent, and monitoring is not required.