DMSO feeding process | Case Study | Stainless Magnetic Drive Pumps | Sanwa Pump


Case Study (3)

Solvent DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) feed at the polymerization process of PAN (polyacrylonitrile) for carbon fiber

GHS9 symbol -- Health Hazard

Issues to solve

  • DMSO is a highly hygroscopic and flammable solvent. No leaks required.

  • Use of metal pump.

  • Alternative to canned motor pump. (improved maintainability)

Sanwa Pump used

  • Canned motor pumps used.

  • Initial introduction cost is low, but repair cost is equivalent to initial cost.

Sanwa Pump used

  • adopted

  • Stable 24hr operation achieved.

  • Realize cost and time rationalization for maintenance works.

(converted in English)

  • Stable operation and maintenance-saving performance that does not make you feel the presence.

  • When repairs are required, cost and time are saved compared to canned pumps.

  • With the low maintenance frequency, it contributes to labor saving.

  • I realized that SiC bearings can be used semi-permanently with almost no wear.