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Case Study (2)

MC (methylene chloride) solvent recovery in a chemical-process

Acute toxicity, category 4 Respiratory sensitization, category 1

Issues to solve

  • The production process is one pass, and if there is a problem at even one place, the production line will stop.

  • In-house pump reassembly process is required.

Sanwa Pump used

  • Canned motor pumps used.

  • Skilled work is required when reassembling the pump when setting the bearing monitor.

  • Even after reassembling in-house, 15 to 20% of errors occur. After that, outsourcing is required.

  • In-house work mistakes are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Sanwa Pump used

  • adopted

  • Operates with peace of mind without a trouble.

  • Currently, replacement of consumables in a period of about 6 years.

  • Pump disassembly and assembly work can now be done in-house.

(converted in English)

  • The low maintenance frequency saves labor cost. 

  • Maintenance is practically easy, and this made in-house maintenance possible.

  • The SiC bearings are really the highly durable. 

  • The installation area of the pump has been reduced to a great extent.

  • It helps eliminate the centering work of the motor-shaft joint.